P-6 Math Specialist

Obtaining a P-6 Mathematics Specialist Endorsement

The Ohio State University

The P-6 Mathematics Specialist Endorsement at The Ohio State University is a graduate-level endorsement.  Students seeking the endorsement are required by state mandate to hold a standard teaching certificate or license.  When all requirements have been completed, the mathematics endorsement will be attached to a valid Ohio teaching license or certificate.  A P-6 Mathematics Specialist Endorsement cannot be added to a substitute or temporary license.

Students seeking this Mathematics Endorsement must have completed three years of successful classroom teaching in mathematics at any level K-12 and will complete required courses to satisfy the following Standards:

  1. Mathematical Content Knowledge and Knowledge of Curriculum
  2. Knowing Students as Learners of Mathematics
  3. Instructional Strategies and the Use of Materials and Technology
  4. Assessment, Diagnosis, and Evaluation
  5. Research for the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics
  6. Professional Development

Download these documents to begin your journey: