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The Mathematics Coaching Program (MCP), which completed its tenth year in 2015, was designed as a training program for experienced teachers who work as full-time mathematics coaches. These coaches team with teachers, in their classrooms daily in six-week rotations, and assist them in implementing research-based strategies that help K-12 students learn mathematics.

Some of the 239+ schools, in which we have had coaches, moved their Academic Status from Academic Emergency to Excellence in just three years. MCP’s 225+ coaches have had statistically significant gain scores in mathematics content and many of the 4,000+ mathematics teachers with whom they have worked have improved their mathematics content and pedagogical skills.

In 2012, we reached our 100,000th student and are pleased to report that in many classrooms, students are becoming successful mathematics problem solvers. Many districts have seen double digit gain scores on the state exam in the first year. Our team members are delighted with the success of the Mathematics Coaching Program. In fall 2013, MCP extended its presence in southeast Ohio, an area that is really challenged by having too few professional development opportunities for their teachers.